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NMGC Awards Update!
Applications are now due March 1st rather than February 1st (late convention this year)!

Click here to open the latest version of the Awards Handbook, revised November 2016.

NMGC Fall Board Meeting

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Ways and Means

NMGC President, Suzy Andrego, and Ways and Means Chairman, Juanita Ortega, display two necklace and earrings sets for two the three raffle drawings at NMGC's Fall Board Meeting.

Designs from District II's Flower Show,
"The Pulse of Life"
June 17-18

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Photos by Pat Copple,
Floral Designers Garden Club

NMGC Convention Photos

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Awards: 2015

Click here for photographs of NMGC's top award winners, award-winning designs and award-winning photography. Awards were presented during the 2016 Spring Convention.

KOAT Interview with NMGC President Suzy Andrego

Photo of Suzy Andrego in her garden
Click here to see KOAT's Eric Green interview Suzy Andrego about prepping your garden for winter.

Create a Butterfly Garden...

...In seven easy steps! Share these bookmarks with club and community members. Suzy Andrego passed out these lovely (laminated) bookmarks at the Fall Board Meeting.
Congratulations to Summit Garden Club
for being awarded a set of AMES tools. Click here to read Summit's involvement, and click here to learn more about NGC's partnership with The AMES Companies, Inc. and the application process.
Members of Summit Garden Club maintaining the gardens at Bandelier National Monument. Click on photo to enlarge.

Welcome to New Mexico Garden Clubs, Inc.

President 2015-2017: Suzy Andrego, installed March 26, 2015.
Theme: "Planting Seeds for Our Future"
Official Publication: New Mexico Gardener

New Mexico Gardener Winter 2016 available in Members Only.

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Whether you are someone interested in finding out about our Organization or a current member looking for information, we hope you find what you need. If not, leave your email address and questions for us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our organization was federated in 1950. Today, we have 27 clubs and over 500 members actively working to support the aims and goals of National Garden Clubs, Inc. with whom we are affiliated. New Mexico is not all desert! We have high mountains, mesa lands, beautiful rivers, high plains and salt flats. Within these valleys and sitting on the high mountains we have members bringing beauty to their communities, and making friends wherever they go!

Our projects include ecological concerns also, such as, providing gardens for wildlife, birds, and butterflies, conserving water, litter control, and roadside plantings. We honor our service people and veterans by dedicating Blue Star Memorials. We help Habitat for Humanity recipients beautify their gardens. And another important part of our goals includes education. Flower Shows, Garden Tours, and other programs enlighten both members and guests. We work also with other institutions to make our communities better places to live.

Whether you wish to know more about gardening in New Mexico, want to make new friends, or beautify your community, just contact us. We'll get you the answers with a smile!

Photo: NGC's Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Chairman (left)
with her mother, NMGC's Woodsy Owl, during
NGC's Spring 2015 Convention in Louisville, KY.
Clubs and Members... Promote Gardening!

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